Friday, May 6, 2011

That's what he said: The shopkeeper interview has been a while since I mentioned interviewing my shopkeeper husband for my blog AND it is finally here...the interview with the shopkeeper.  Barry agreed to go on video for the interview IF and ONLY IF he approved of the final video, which was fair.  So, with a dozen attempts and takes under our belts, he still wasn't happy with the video so according to our agreement, I can't post it.  I know, I know.  BOOOO HISSSSSS! 

What I will do instead, even though I know it is not as good, is post the questions posed by you guys and some I added myself, and then write in his answers.  Not as good I know, but oh well.  Enjoy anyway!!!

Meet Barry.  My husband and the shopkeeper being interviewed.  He's lookin' all spiffy in this photo.  This was taken on our honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise.

Question:  Is he adverse to being called a "huckster"? Or having a "huckster's shop"?
Barry's answer:  "I don't know what that is." (We then Google it and find out it means someone who sells shoddy or crappy products).  Once we know what it is, Barry's answer is: "Oh right, okay.  Aye I don't mind being called a huckster.  Everything here is crap." Smiley face.

Question: What does he think about the idea of Northern Ireland independence?
Barry's answer: "There is no such place as Northern Ireland."  Think that sums up his opinion pretty well there.

Question: What about Gaelic? Can he speak any? If so, say "You have a big tab. Pay now willingly or I'll make you pay."
Barry's answer: "Eh, I don't know much Gaelic or Irish.  Me da would."  He couldn't say the above requested statement but, I did get him to say kiss my ass which also happens to be the only thing I know too.  Póg mo Thóin (pronounced poge ma hone) means kiss me arse in Irish.  At this point I kept saying this statement over and over.  Giggle.

Question: What does he think of Travelers? Does he know any and has he ever gone to a wedding?
Barry's answer: "The vast majority of Travelers, I have ti say, are a bunch of thieving bastards and they give good Travelers, of which there are few, a bad name.  And, I wouldn't leave 'em in an empty room otherwise they might steal something and ye couldn't watch 'em with a bag of eyeballs. No, thank fuck, I don't know any and no I've not been ti a wedding as it generally involves some type of shotgun usage."
Traveler wedding photo.  They get all glammed up for weddings.

Question: Opinion on the Catholic Church?
Barry's answer: "I have nothing against religion but I have no time for organized religion."
Of course the jokes involving Catholic priests and their penchant for wee boys fly like crazy over here as they do everywhere haha.

Question: Is everyone in Ireland like the book Angela's Ashes?
Barry's answer:  "Oh, I don't know.  I've never read it."
  I'm ashamed to say...I haven't either.

Question: What's your favorite candy bar?
Barry's answer:  "I have ti say, it is the Kinder Bueno."
  I went to reach for one in the shop and he was out of them too...for shame!!!  They are pretty tasty.

Question: Best selling item in the shop?
Barry's answer:  "Fags."
  And, cigarettes, too, I add. Bahhaha.  That's just my stupid little joke there.

Question: Is the recession affecting the shop?
Barry's answer:  "Aye.  That's why we can stand in here and film this interview.  We don't have any customers bothering us. And if ye want to make a contribution to the shop fund Lesley has all the bank details haha."

Question: Do you love the shop?
Barry's answer:  "I don't love it but I enjoy the craic.  It's always very....interesting."
And there ya have it!

On another note, my blog has a new look now thanks to the lovelies over at For the Love of Blogs!


  1. This is a great interview! Might Barry be persuaded to do more in the future? I love reading his Irish accent and his jokes!

    I love Kinder chocolate--it's the best! Kinder eggs are my favorite since they come with little toys. What can I say, I'm a kid at heart :)

  2. He's got great taste in candy, and I will say kiss my arse in Gaelic the rest of the day too! haha. And those Travelers, I can only imagine how annoying they, but boy, do they make for great television! haha

  3. WE NEED MOAR! MOAR BARRY! JK. Great stuff! Ta ra now dahling!

  4. I read this the other day and meant to comment then. I love it! I can detect his lovely accent just in your typing up of his words and that's good enough for me.

    Great interview!

  5. You'll have to make him read Angela's ashes. It's a fantastic book and the author is absolutely brilliant!

  6. This post is great! You husband has a great personality. I really enjoyed reading the interview.