Saturday, May 21, 2011

The fine art of decorative towels

Barry has been schooled in the fine art of decorative bathroom towels this week.  I know this isn't something most men would understand.  Towels are towels, right?  Um, no!  Towels are only meant for use if they are folded and put away in the linen closet.  If they are really pretty, never been used and folded nice and fancy like all while hanging on a rack out in the open in the bathroom, then, clearly they aren't meant for every day use.  Duh.  Here, they look a little like this.  These aren't our towels, just some I found on Google, but you get the idea.

So anyway, in our bathroom, we have a a towel rack with fancy towels.  They are just there for decoration because they match the bathroom decor.  Can't use 'em, nope. The other day, I noticed one of these said towels was missing.  I looked high and low for it and located it hanging on the door handle.  It appeared to have been used.  I was flabbergasted.  Who would use a decorative bathroom towel for everyday use?  It just isn't done.  Since it is just me and Barry and our two cats here, I immediately knew who the culprit was.  After all, I've never seen the cats use a towel.  It had to be Barry!  I confronted him right away.  Here is the conversation that occurred.

Me: (Leading Barry into the bathroom in front of the decorative towel rack.) So, I noticed a towel missing from this rack.
Barry: (Looking a little confused.)  Aye.
Me: But this these towels are just here to be pretty.  Not to use.
Barry: (Rolling his eyes.)Awk, I know but I was in a hurry, sure.  There weren't any other towels in the closet.
Me: (I march over to the closet to prove him wrong.) Yes there are.  I just washed a bunch and put in here yesterday.
Barry: (Clearly annoyed and to be honest who could blame him, I was being a little weird over towels.) I didn't see 'em, hi.
Me:  Interesting.

End of conversation.

So, let's fast forward  a few days.  Barry and I were talking in the bathroom while he was washing his hands.  At that current moment, all the useable towels were being washed.  He went to reach for a non-decorative towel to dry his hands and couldn't find one.  My fault.  I was slacking in my laundry duties, I know.  He stood with his hands dripping wet.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Barry: (Looking at me, confused.) What do I do here?
Me:  (Laughing because I recall our previous decorative towel conversation.) Dry your hands.
Barry:  With what? (As he looks at the decorative towel rack).  These are ornamental and I can't use these?
Me:  (Laughing because he said "ornamental."  And, I was also quite impressed that he knew which towels were decorative and which weren't.  I then pick up a decorative towel and hand to him, since they were the only clean ones in the flat at the moment.) Here, use this.  You said "ornamental" (Giggles.).
Barry: (Afraid to take the towel in his hand, obviously unsure of the wrath he would unleash from using a fancy towel.) Are ye sure?
Me: (Using my new Irish accent.) Aye, use it.  It is all we have right now.
Barry: Alright, hi.

The end.

So anyway, towel lesson learned.  I know Barry must be enjoying married life so much.  He really is learning a lot.

P.S.  Please note the sarcasm I'm using in this post.  I'm truly not an anal witch when it comes to towels.  I'm also a little bit drunk as I write this since I just had my first night out with some girls here in Derry.

So, until next time...use the right towels.


  1. My husband is the same way when it comes to decorative towels! It drives me crazy! I'm glad your husband finally gets it. :)

  2. growing up, we had "decoration towels" in our bathroom. We new that we were NEVER to use them. My mom would get so mad when our friends would dry their hands on them. She would notice right away, and be so angry that they were used. I have decoration towels in our bathroom, and i get just as angry when my husband and children use them!

  3. Girls' Night OUT! So mint! Are they champion girls like? v. v. happy for you.

    I think when I grow up, I'll be in the anti-decorative towel camp. Needs must; I've needs that say household items must be beautiful AND useful...must be able to work and look good at the same time.

    Don't mind me, I'm on coffee cup #2

  4. Hilarious! I LOVE reading your blog, so happy I have found you ~ We had decorative towels growing up and to be sure, we were never allowed to use them. But sometimes, we'd use the back and keep the fronts all pretty so mom wouldn't notice. Too funny! Have a happy day! I LOVE this post! And YAY for getting to go out with the girls in Derry! xo

  5. hehe! Poor Barry. My Jeremy and your Barry would probably get along well. For instance, Jeremy just can't understand why we have decorative pillows on the bed. It doesn't make any sense to him. Like you, I'm not all that anal about the pillows, but my feathers do get a little ruffled when I come home and he's napping on one. :)

  6. @Lucy---must be a fella thang.
    @Tales--me too...I was trained at an early age what towels to use lol
    @Mollie---I think if I were to grow up all over again I'd select to be in the anti-deco towel camp, too. Its exhausting having to be the towel police all the time haha.
    @Antique---I love that you love this post :) So glad to have you reading!!
    @Katie---Oh, don't get me started on the decorative pillows...same thing happens here lol.

  7. Hilarious...I know exactly what you mean about the towel thing!